Le jour de mes 60 ans

Who I am?

Originally comic book designer, I had the chance to exercise my talents in various fields of the artistic world and communication, such as:

  • mannequin
  • company manager since 1986
  • portrait drawner from live models
  • singer
  • masseuse & Aesthetic
  • TV presenter, voice, interviews, etc …
  • Auteure : JOUISSEZ – Prendre sa Vie en main avant que son corps ne lâche !

I’m speaking French, Dutch, English + Spanish, Portugees & German = notions.

Over the course of my life, I have gradually chosen to focus my energy on what is now essential to me: WELL-BEING.

Visual, auditory and tactile, passionate about scientific & epigenetic advances based on nature, I combine the tradition of true touch with sustainable techniques for cell regeneration. 

Naturally naturist since childhood, I have chosen to surround myself with respectful people like me.